10 Tips to Organize Your Closet.

“Owning Less is Better than Organizing More…”

I am THAT person who love’s to de-clutter every spring and fall!  It actually gets me excited!  I have 3 to 4 rubbermaid bins that go back and forth from our storage unit.  Every fall when I pull out all my winter clothes – it’s like Christmas – I had forgotten all the items I had!  I’m famous for buying shoes on clearance and when I open up the bins I usually have boots with tags still on that I got for a steal back in March! Yippee!

Make a list! Breakdown specific areas/places that you feel need help.  It could be as simple as your work-out gear drawer or your entire closet.  List some easy areas and some more difficult.  Be realistic and don’t be hard on yourself.  Commit to 5 minutes or an entire weekend. What fits your schedule! Ex. One drawer before you go to bed each night or plan an entire weekend for the big event! Must haves are girlfriends and wine if it’s a weekend event…

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Think Positive.  Decluttering any part of your home is a great detox mentally and physically.  Clutter isn’t just in your home and closet.  Clutter is also in your mind and distracts you from the things you are meant to do.  This should be exciting!


The Four Box Method.  They are many techniques on ways to simplify your space.  This one is pretty simple.  One box or bag for trash, giveaways, keep or relocate.  Whether the project takes an hour or a few days – the technique will always remain the same.


If you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months – should you keep it? Ask yourself the tough questions – “How did I feel the last time I wore this?” Is this a representation of my ‘fantasy self’? Do I need to be a certain weight to feel good in this? Let it go if any of your answers are negative!! Find yourself a consignment shop to try and get some money back, donate to a charity in need or hand down to your friends or family.

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Pinterest has great storage solutions.  Wicker baskets,  a towel bar to hang scarves or belts or a shoe organizer to hold bulky sweaters.  Think outside the box.   IKEA magazine folder boxes are great for storing clutches.


Matching hangars.  You can find velvet hangars or white plastic ones at most dollar stores these days.  This really does add to the symmetry of your closet.  Definitely get rid of those awful dry cleaner metal hangars!

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Colour Coordinate – Putting all your colours together really does make you more efficient in the morning.  I know I need a black top for my outfit – I have to go through one small section – not the whole closet! Must do this.


Keep your closet painted white –  I can’t emphasize this enough.  Just because you have painted your bedroom walls Breath of Fresh Air by Benjamin Moore, doesn’t mean your closet has to be the same colour.  You may actually despise that wall colour in 6 months and have to re-paint.  You will thank me when your closet is still white!  Benjamin Moore Simply White!! Enough said!

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Seasonal – Go buy yourself a few rubber maids.  You don’t need to be looking at your winter scarves in August.  Pack up those big bulky sweaters in the spring and pack up all the sundresses in the fall! You can even get under bed storage containers etc.  Just put them out of sight out of mind.  Seasonal items are meant to be seen for that season only. Treat your wardrobe like a capsule collection!


Keep a donation bag going all the time.  This gets you in the habit of paring down more consistently and then you aren’t tackling a big job every six months.  It’s crazy how quick this fills up!


Your closet should reflect your personality.  When I go into client’s homes for staging and design, I always analyze what the client is wearing and I ask to see their closet.  If their entire closet is black, grey and white – I don’t think they will like turquoise blue mosaic backsplash in their kitchen.  If their closet is full of vibrant colours and patterns – the turquoise blue mosaic may just work!

Hope some of these tips get you motivated and organized. If all else fails – hire a professional! Me!



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