Shabby Chic Renovation

A small heritage home in downtown Penticton that had gone thru some previous renovations.  It had become a rental home for quite a few years and was pretty run down.  The birch hardwood was about 7 years and was destroyed so we sadly had to remove.   We had rented our home out for 8 weeks with plans to move into this place and do a few updates over July/August.  End goal was to be a vacation rental home.  After I cried on the initial walk through, we had to move to a friends place for 2 weeks while we tore out all flooring and kitchen.  Two weeks later and some fresh paint,  I grabbed a bunch of area rugs and threw some beds up and we moved in.  Living with a fridge on the patio and a BBQ,  I washed dishes in the bath tub in a big bucket! It was a very glamorous summer!

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