San Juan Del Sur, Nicauragua

January 2018 we traveled to San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.  aka Nica! We usually go to Mexico so this was a change for us.  We researched flights for quite a few months and flying into Liberia, Costa Rica was the most affordable for us.  Seven and half hours later we arrived in Liberia.  We were staying at a friends place in Nica so he had arranged a driver for us.  It’s about an hour drive to the Libera/Nica border.  If you are thinking Canadian/US style border – think again.  They are run down buildings with water damage, the screening of luggage was a foldable wooden table.  You have to get out of your car on Costa Rica side and go through their border crossing, then walk across to the Nicaragua building.   Which was quite interesting as it was now 8PM and dark.   Basically we were flying by the seat of our pants and by the time the whole process ended we were laughing.   It was out a movie.   One hour later we arrived in Nica.  Were we happy to see a Tona! The local beer.  Its delicious by the way.

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