Meet Crystal

Mom to J & C, lover of all things design, sweetie to B, wine & champagne educator, dreamer, sun seeker, animal lover and best friend to my little companions Molly, Richard & Stella.

This site is a reflection of how I view life.

My creative journey started when my daughter was a few months old.  It was a hot spring day and her room was extremely warm, I purchased a ceiling fan, turned the power off and took way too long to put it up!! When I had accomplished that, I basically felt I could fix anything.  That was 20 years ago! A few renovations later, I was famous for hauling carpet out the patio door or hammering away at tile removal.   I would pay my bookkeeper by painting her bathroom!   Proud to say I can cut a paint line in like a champ.

At the age of 39 I went back to school and started Crystal Nohr Design. I have since learned how to build 3 websites, how to file my own taxes and how to be my own bookkeeper – the internet is a wonderful tool for learning. I’ve also learned I talk to cats in my yoga pants some days more than I see humans! I decided a blog was my next adventure!

A little more about me…

Loyal Bachelor fan since Trista! Don’t mess with me on Monday nights if it’s on! I’m deathly afraid of public speaking! I have a love for anything feminine and timeless.  I also have a secret crush on Rachel Ashwell. I appreciate a well-balanced Gin cocktail, the perfect glass of chilled pale Rose on a hot summer day and I’m always on the pursuit for a Pinot Noir that brings me pure bliss!  Great parties with great friends is a must and I love making my friends and family laugh!  I can’t handle clutter and I believe there is a place for everything! I don’t really like ice cream but  a bag of sour candies will do. Sunday Brunches are mandatory!

If you are new to following, welcome! And if you’ve been following along for some time, thank you!






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